Travel Accessories To Make Your Journeys Memorable!

Travel Accessories To Make Your Journeys Memorable!

Are you a bird of passage who loves traveling around the world? Are you amongst those rovers or holidaymakers who love to explore new places? If yes, this article is for you. Scroll down to find out the necessary travel accessories that will give you the best traveling experience ever.

Travel Accessories Checklist

Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag is for those who love camping or hiking. Even if you are going for a hike with a group, you must carry a sleeping bag for yourself. This ensures cleanliness. Sleeping bags provided on rent or by the campaign organizers are not clean and may be used, so it is amongst the very necessary travel accessories when going trekking.

GPRS, Maps, A Magnetic Compass Or Navigation System

These travel accessories help you in traveling to a new place. If you don’t know the place and you even don’t have anyone to guide you about the route, the Navigation System will help you.


In case you are in a new place and it gets dark before you expect it to. The most important thing at that time is the torch. This travel accessory lights up your path even when there is low or no light.


Make a pouch of your toiletries. You may keep your toothpaste, brush, shaving cream, razor, soap, shampoo, trimmer, napkins, nail cutter and all the necessary things that you may need.

First Aid Kit

In the case you suddenly feel some uneasiness when traveling like a headache, body ache or get hurt, you must carry a first aid kit for all these. This will prevent ruining your trip and enjoyment.

Other Important travel accessories

Lifestraw For Purification Of Water

This provides you clean drinking water, no matter wherever you are. Even if you are in the middle of a lake and you feel thirsty, worry not. This water purifier purifies up to 1000 litres

of contaminated water into safe drinking water.

Universal Adapter To Charge Your Phone/Camera

A universal adapter is used to charge your phone, laptop, or even your camera battery. It converts the power supply according to your appliance and is able to fit any charging point.

Power Bank Charger

In today’s mobile-friendly world, I need not explain the importance of a power bank charger. So, if you want to charge your phone even when rambling around, take this with you.

Earphone/ Headphone

How about movies or music when traveling? So, don’t forget to carry your earphone or headphones with you. This helps you in keeping away from the noise all around.

Neck Pillow Or Inflatable Pillow

Have you ever faced neck cramps when sleeping in a car or flight? Now, you won’t. Just carry an inflatable pillow along when traveling and sleep comfortably.

Safety Locks

Keep your luggage safe when on a journey with safety locks. Though today every bag pack consists of an attached lock, you must still carry an additional safety locking system.

Swiss Knife

This is a safety accessory and must be carried to safeguard you from any danger. This small multi-utility knife can be used to cut rope, wood, open a tin can, as a bottle opener, screwdriver and corkscrew as well.

SunGlasses and Sunscreen

Going for a beach trip? Don’t forget your sunglasses and sunscreen. Sunscreen helps in protecting your face and skin from the bright light of sun thus preventing skin burns. Sunglasses make you look smarter and trendy and offer a protection to your eyes from the UV rays.


A camera is very important to capture all the beautiful moments of your journey. This helps in recalling the leisure days that you spent enjoying. Remember, those days of fun may last for few days, but the memories will last you forever.

Travel accessories play an important role in enhancing your traveling experience. You can enjoy yourself without worries if you have all these important items with you in your journey.

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