Pros and cons of small second-hand trucks

Pros and cons of small second-hand trucks

If you are weighing the pros and cons of purchasing a second-hand truck, you need to think carefully so that your decision will be profitable and ideal in every sense of the word for your intended requirements. Read ahead to find out the various advantages and also disadvantages of small and second-hand pickup trucks:

Benefits of small second-hand trucks

  • Cheaper cost: A small truck that is used will not be extremely costly and so you as a buyer will be able to purchase a small truck of your choice within your budget without any difficulty.
  • Lower maintenance cost: As a small truck has comparatively a more compact body, this means maintenance cost is comparatively much lower for these trucks. You are provided with bigger carrying capacity without the head ache of a big engine.
  • Tax and Insurance at lower cost: The daily maintenance cost of using a small truck is definitely lower. Since their appraisal cost is estimated at a much lower rate, insurance cost also works out to be comparatively lower. Even tax rates come to be quite low for these used small trucks.

Disadvantages of small second-hand trucks

Just like there are various advantages for buying used trucks, there are quite a number of disadvantages too. These include –

  • Not suitable as a regular work truck: Since these small trucks have minimal power and lees powerful suspension compared to big trucks, these trucks will not serve the purpose of regular work trucks. Even though these trucks have minimum hauling capacity, these trucks cannot be utilized for any kind of construction work or pulling of heavy trailers.
  • Cargo weights are only minimal: Although these trucks are perfect for hauling groceries or some kind of other items that you purchase during shopping trips, these trucks cannot be loaded with sand or gravel for transportation. This is due the fact that they are unable to bear the weight of loads that are very heavy which can be borne best by a big pick up van or truck. So, make sure the items you plan to load in your truck are not heavy duty before deciding to purchase a small used truck.
  • Comparatively lower towing power and capacity: Small trucks are not ideal to tow a big trailer. These trucks have no capacity or power to haul huge boats or trailers. So, think carefully before you go in for a small truck.

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