Overview Of Smartphones In Peoples Lives

Overview Of Smartphones In Peoples Lives

From waking up to keeping in touch with people, all smartphones play a huge role in everybody’s life in the modern world. Moreover, a life without a smartphone is unthinkable. The benefits of these devices are witnessed every second in life; however, the disadvantages are not to be overlooked.

Concept of all smartphones
With the conception of a handheld computer, the definition of all smartphones is indicated to a device that can perform various functions of a computing device. There is a touchscreen in all smartphones that make its use easy, and internet access enables us to know what is going on in the world within a nanosecond. Running on particular operating systems like iOS or Android, these mobile phones can download applications that care for your needs and demands in life.

Development of all smartphones

The inception of this kind of mobile phone dates back in the 1970s, but IBM eventually came up with a prototype of a mobile phone that has personal digital assistant features in 1992. The early operating systems that were provided with the PDA features were Palm OS and Blackberry OS. However, with the course of time, development of technology was soaring high which led to the emergence of Android devices and iPhones in the market.

  • 2007
    The world was introduced to the iPhone and Google offered the world Android, which is an OS that can be manipulated or developed by anyone.
  • 2010
    Tablets from Apple and Samsung emerged in the market during this period. Additionally, Microsoft introduced the smartphones that run on Windows Phone OS; however, the figure of sales was not remarkable.
  • 2011
    Android has been conferred the title of highest selling smartphones, whereas Apple became the largest vendor across the globe. People were more inclined to buy smartphones as opposed to personal computers.

Market sales

One of the leading competitors in the market is Apple, and Chinese tech giants Huawei undertake the strategy of penetrating the market this year. Huawei may sell its product via online stores; however, the rate of share in the market is considerably minimal. The latest figures indicate that the shares of Apple and Samsung hold 39% and 32% of shares, respectively. The launch of new Apple devices has recently boosted sales, leaving other Android phones behind.

Advantages of having a Smartphone

From listening to music to watching movies, from reading e-books to writing notes, you can wish to use your smart devices in any way you like.

  • Easy internet access
    WiFi-enabled smart devices help people send emails and find a location through GPS within a second. You can check news or find out what the World Wide Web is talking about in no time. Wi-Fi has helped save you more money because you do not need to pay extra for exorbitant mobile network data plans. Additionally, you can save and, more importantly, backup data to via cloud memory owing to internet access.
  • Communication
    Communication is the key component that has led to the success of all smartphones. People can call anyone from any corner of the world and chat with anyone they like. The use of social media has become easier, enabling people to stay in touch.
  • Unlimited applications
    Millions of applications available in various application stores help can fulfill everyone’s basic needs. If you wish to cook lunch but do not know the recipe, there is an app for the recipe and its possible variations.

Disadvantages of all smartphones

The drawback of smart devices is that they can be addictive, and one may develop compulsive behavior due to the urge of continuous checking. Additionally, there are health hazards of using all smartphones as one should not talk to a phone while the device is being charged. This can lead to unfortunate accidents. The security risk is high as people tend to save essential details on the phone without installing proper anti-virus software and this is why hackers try to hack personal details.

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