Dental implants, best solution for oral health

Dental implants, best solution for oral health

A dental implant is an artificial tooth, which provides a permanent base for the replacement tooth. It is the best solution for people who have major problems related to missing teeth along with severe dental problems. These days, doctors often use titanium fixtures for implants, which are fused in the cells of the living bone of the jaw. The affected person will not come across any kind of problem related to eating, nor will have to visit a doctor for regular check-up. The dental implant cost will vary from person to person as to how many implants they require for their teeth.

Parts of dental implants
Different parts of dental implants include:
Implants “ These include screws which serve as a base for the new teeth and are permanently attached to your jaws.
Crown – This part can be easily seen by the users and is made of zirconium, which proves its durability.
Abutment – It is a kind of connector, which is placed and removed by the doctors only. The main role of this is to support and hold the set of teeth or single tooth.

The cost of dental implants will depend upon the service taken up by the users in setting their teeth or single tooth. Single implant cost approximately $1700 along with an implant crown. On the other hand, the total cost of two implants cost around $3000. Dental implants also depend upon the condition of the jaw bone along with gum problems, if any.

Types of dental implants
There are different types of dental implants which include:
Single tooth implant – This involves the procedure of replacing a single tooth with an implant, which will then perform the main role, just like an original teeth.
On all four implants “ A person who wants to replace his or her four teeth together may go for all four implants where the oral surgeon will conduct four implants by attaching the arc of the teeth following the same process.
Multiple implants – Many people opt for this type of implant when they are missing more than one tooth. In this type of implant, only 2 fixtures are implanted to give a natural look. This implant is not for everyone and the cost of dental implants varies from the types of services opted for.

Benefits enjoyed by a person opting for dental implants
Some of the main benefits which are enjoyed by the person undergoing a dental implant are as follows:

  • It will help in enhancing the appearance of the face by making it attractive among the crowd.
  • If you are worried about the cost, dental implants are now very affordable.
  • It helps in improving the speech of a person.
  • It helps a person eat food easily without any discomfort.
  • It gives you the same feeling like original teeth.

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