Best Software for Automated Marketing

Best Software for Automated Marketing

Email marketing has become one of the most effective ways of reaching out to the right audience and saving expenses on marketing initiatives. It has been proven that an email marketing if done in a right manner can save initial investment and can effectively contribute towards the ROI. If you are planning to use automated email and best software for automated marketing, following is a list for you.

Campaign Monitor
Campaign Monitor is an easy email marketing software that lets you send relevant and beautifully designed emails to your prospects and existing clients. This tool helps you create a reliable channel to improve customer relations through engagement efforts and timely updates. It can tremendously help in increasing the customer base and improve loyalty. Campaign Monitor offers engaging templates that can be easily modified and sent to a huge number of subscribers without any hitch.

Zoho Campaigns
Zoho Campaigns is a popular email marketing software that is ideal if you own a small to medium-sized businesses. This software is capable of automating the entire marketing process and can take care of all the nuances like mailing lists and email campaigns. This software easily integrates with Zoho CRM to provide you with the information you need accurately and instantly. Using Zoho Campaigns, you may not only get in touch with your customers on email but they can also interact with them using social campaigns on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

WebEngage provides you with a smart email marketing and automation tool that helps by adding to the revenue from online customers. This software lets you create personalized automated emails that help in creating loyalty and in retaining the customers. It has multiple options like win back emails, personalized offer emails, and abandonment emails, which can help you quickly reach out to your customers and win them back with a personal mail.

ZeroBounce is an excellent email-marketing tool that ensures that none of your marketing emails bounce by removing abuse and spam trap emails. It also checks and removes invalid email ids, temporary addresses, and catches all domains so that your marketing initiatives do not end up bouncing or in someone’s spam folder. ZeroBounce improves the deliverability of emails and provides data about subscribers that can be of much importance in marketing reports.

If you are planning to use automated emails, you should consider one of the above-mentioned software for automated marketing to get the best results.

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