All you need to know about cell phone batteries

All you need to know about cell phone batteries

Whether you are talking to your long lost friend or a special someone or if you are an expert talebearer then ensure that you keep the call precise. Talking for long hours on the phone leads to exuberant usage of the cell phone battery. This also cuts down on the battery life. It is a general human tendency to keep the call going till the battery dies down. Make sure you excuse on your talk and save on some energy before the next charge.

Keep a tab
We are witness to cases of battery explosions, and one of the reasons behind these explosions is that we fail to keep an eye on the initial signs of an overused battery. Cell phone batteries have a certain battery utilization life beyond which it needs to be discarded or changed. If you see that your cell phone battery is giving you a tough time, then go to your nearest service center and get it checked. If you witness regular fluctuations in your battery charging, there might be a possibility that the battery has swollen up. In such situations make you change the battery as early as possible.

Consider the cell phone batteries
If you are a person who loves multitasking, then this information is of utmost help to you. While juggling between watching your favorite show and sending a crucial presentation to your boss, make sure that you don’t heat up your phone. Prolonged usage of cell phone heats up the battery thereby cutting down on its lifespan.

Avoid keeping your cell phone under direct sunlight or in places with excess heat. If your battery is heating up while getting charged, switch off the charge and keep the phone switched off for it to cool down. In addition to this, avoid plugging into defective connections as that too will hamper the life of the battery. If you keep your battery in check and follow the caretaking instructions, then your battery would be your forever partner. So get off the hook and check for the signs.

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