5 Outdoor kitchen ideas on a small budget

5 Outdoor kitchen ideas on a small budget

Outdoor kitchens have become trendy of late. People love to spend their evenings outdoors having fun and sharing a meal with family and friends. It is, therefore, a good idea to have a well stocked outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen, however, needs to be durable and weather resistant. If you have a big backyard or patio, you can turn it into an entertainment center by adding outdoor furniture and outdoor kitchen. Adding an outdoor kitchen can be expensive. However, if you are prudent with your resources, you can create a very functional kitchen in your backyard within your estimated budget. Here are some tips to transform a dull and boring patio into an exciting entertainment point.

Pre-made structures
Outdoor kitchens need a cooking area with some storage and an arrangement for dining and bar. These provisions don’t need a connection of gas or plumbing so you can get pre-made grill station. Installing kitchen island or weather resistant kitchen cart will not cost you more than $100 and you can cut costs by eliminating the concrete or stone countertops. These units come in different shapes and materials.

With little DIY efforts, you can transform the wall of your patio into storage space by installing simple cabinets or ledge.

Outdoor cooking can be done with grilling. Most of the outdoor grills are inexpensive and easily available. Also, the wood burning grills or the charcoal grills need very little maintenance.

You need outdoor seating arrangement to entertain your guests. Many types of patio furniture are available in the market. Invest in something that is durable and weather resistant. You can find patio sets on deals at most of the giant retail stores. Matching furniture with the layout complements the look and setup of outdoor kitchens.

If your patio doesn’t have shade to block the direct sun rays, you need to find protection in the form of an outdoor umbrella. The umbrella pole can be placed on your dining table hole or can be anchored to a base. Keep the umbrella closed when not in use to make it last longer.

Now that you know how to plan for inexpensive outdoor kitchens, select the items carefully and get ready to entertain your guests!

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