5 errors truck drivers should avoid while on the road

5 errors truck drivers should avoid while on the road

Driving a truck is no simple business as it involves many risks. Nearly all goods shipped across the country from major ports make their way inland after being brought in by a network of heavy-duty vehicles. It is a reason why truckers get paid big for long-haul cargo. The freight’s value also determines how much money can be made in a single trip. However, first-time drivers should be wary of some rookie mistakes during trips.

Misgauging distance
Big rigs take more time to come to a complete stop, especially at high speeds. Not gauging the distance properly could lead truckers to careen into the vehicle in front. This could even happen while changing lanes without leaving space for the trailer in the back, as it will swerve sharply at high speeds.

Breaching speed limits
Driving fast is necessary to maintain the highway speed limit. But that does not mean one should drive rashly. It is also not very cool to tailgate other vehicles and prompt them to speed. If the driver ahead loses control, this could result in a catastrophic accident.

Sleep deprived driving
When it comes to truck driving, deadlines are a crucial factor. But truckers are more likely to make silly driving mistakes that could result in a major accident if they don’t take adequate time to relax and cool down. Moreover, if the highway patrol catches drivers working overtime, a hefty fine and license suspension can bring the trucking business to a grinding halt.

Bad timing for fueling
Fueling up just before a weighing station on the highway is a critical mistake. Simply because the weight of the fuel can put the truck overboard on the allotted minimum towage restriction for that particular state or national highway, it is always better to fill up the tanks once well underway on the journey after completing highway formalities.

Distracted driving
Modern-day trucks have a lot of safety and automation features that monitor throttle response and braking. But these safety assists are no excuse for driving trucks while engaging in activities like checking the phone or eating while driving.

Popular trucks for commercial driving
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