4 reasons why wool quilts are a great choice

4 reasons why wool quilts are a great choice

You must have heard a lot about the wool quilt. It is very different from feather, polyester, or any other kind of bedding. There are many reasons as to why wool quilts are preferred to any other kind of bedding. Below are listed some of these reasons which make wool quilt rank over all others.

Offer better sleep
Research has proved that those using wool quilt experience better sleep in comparison to others who use any other form of bedding. Better sleep means more productivity when a person wakes up. In this way, the benefits of using wool quilt go beyond just offering comfortable sleep to those who use it. This, therefore, is one of the reasons why wool quilts are the better choice.

Regulates the temperature
A wool quilt is known to regulate the temperature of the body. When the body is cold, the wool fibers in the quilt trap the air, thereby creating an insulating layer. However, when the person begins to perspire, this wool helps the person to cool down as it draws the moisture from the skin and helps a person cool down in a natural way.

In contrast, when synthetic wool is used, it traps the warm moisture and thus creates a humid environment which increases the body temperature. Therefore, it can be safely said that using an authentic wool quilt helps regulates the temperature, thereby giving you a good night’s sleep.

Machine washable
Many of the wool quilt bedding you buy are machine washable. This is contrary to the assumption that wool quilts cannot be washed in the machine. This always makes it a cumbersome task to clean up the quilts and these end up getting discarded after a few years of usage. However, now quilts are being made with special kind of fibers which make it easy to be washed in the machine. This has ended a big fear of homemakers when it comes to cleaning up the wool quilts.

Hypoallergenic, as a term, means that it is relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. This holds true in case of the wool quilt and these are known to be hypoallergenic in comparison to similar quilts being made out of synthetic material.

Wool fibers are always known to absorb the moisture and keep the surroundings dry. This dry environment inhibits the growth of bacteria, dust mites, and fungus. Therefore, a wool quilt that is made out of these fibers is known to be hypoallergenic and will never cause any health or respiratory problem to the person who desires to use the same.

The above-mentioned reasons are why wool quilts are a great choice for your bedding.

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