3 popular sports bikes you should know about

3 popular sports bikes you should know about

Over the years, bike manufacturers have been making sports bikes with more horsepower and lean designs. Bikes have become more powerful and more advanced with the latest technology embedded in them. Moreover, many manufacturers are adding more versatility to bikes. For example, the Kawasaki Z900RS can be taken for both, off-roading and grocery shopping.

Read on to know more about some of the most popular sports bikes in the market right now.

Harley-Davidson FXDR 114
This power cruiser is one of the most coveted sports bikes. With a base price of around $21,349, this bike is definitely not cheap. But, it is certainly one of the toughest bikes in the market. It has been designed to manage the tightest of corners and switchbacks on the road. It comes with traditional Harley features of easy cruising, torque, and style. Moreover, it comes with a proper suspension, clearance, and the tires are perfect for aggressive riding. Other notable features include better-than-average lean angles, a forward riding position, and a 43mm inverted fork. It has a 114-CID V-twin engine with 119lb-ft of torque. With a rear tire of 240mm, this bike is easier to manage despite all the massive power.

Kawasaki Z900RS
The Kawasaki Z900RS is a bike with retro old-school looks on the outside and the latest tech on the inside. With this bike, Kawasaki has given a fresh twist to the Z1, one of its classic bikes. With its 948-cc inline four-cylinder engine, this bike is perfect for every kind of road. Moreover, the bike has a comfortable padded seat and superb ergonomics that make riding quite comfortable even on the roughest of the roads. Also, this bike is quite versatile when it comes to functionality. It can be taken on hard canyon rides on the weekends as well as used for daily commute to work or to run errands to the supermarket. The base price of this bike is approximately $10,999. A more stylish version with a tiny faring on the front will cost about $11,499.

Indian FTR 1200
With the relaunch of the brand of 2013, there has been a considerable success for the Indian range of bikes. The bikes are sportier and more stunning than their previous versions. The Indian FTR 1200 bike is powered by a 1203-cc twin engine with a horsepower of around 120 hp. Moreover, it has a 43mm inverted front fork, huge Brembo brakes, and adjustable monoshock rear suspension. The base price of this re-invented sports bike is around $13,000.

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